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Hesham El Tohamy & Co. has been serving Egypt since 1992. Hesham El Tohamy is about one of the pioneers accounting, auditing and taxation profession in Egypt. Over the past 25 years. The firm member in INAA group. The firm has gained a strong reputation for clear and reliable financial reports. Hesham El Tohamy & Co. is an accredited in Egyptian society of accountants and auditors to training accountants. {ESAA}.Our client can be assured that the required services have the benefit of the international quality with the local features. We welcome you to explode you profile and services and discover how we can be of assistance.

The progress and prosperity that Egyptian economy relish in the last decade of the twentieth century in regards of laws and legislations supporting the investment, such as incentives and facilities with no excess or remissness, which contributed in the creation of economic climate suitable for investment in Egypt in all fields.

Starting off such great economical progress, it was a must to be associated with a parallel progress to serve investment market requirements whether at the level of local or foreign investment in Egypt.

Environment, and such distinguished era in the life of the Egyptian economy, particularly l 1992, Hesham El Tohamy & Partners Office was established, to glare in the world of accounting and audit, financial and taxes investment, and institution and feasibility studies to meet the modern investment market requirements.

Despite such port period Hesham El Tohamy & Partners foundation become one of the most prominent institutions in such field.

In continuance of the development procession, Hesham El Tohamy & Partners foundation became one of the leading institutions in the field of accounting and audit, financial and administration consultations in Egypt, and ever since its founding, it’s gaining more and more experience, confidence and acquaintance of all what is new in money and investment, so it’s able to answer all questions wondering in the investors thoughts, and serving them in any activity concerning their investments, the increase of its clients diversity and the multiplicity of its operations, Hesham El Tohamy & Partners foundation had entered under the international transactions, that contribute in rendering success the goods of investment and investors and serving them inside and outside Egypt


Our vision in Egyptian market to providing professional services that meet the business information need of investors. We are looking to be a global firm providing an international services and consultancy.


We aim to serving our clients in all condition and establish a trust bridge between us and our clients to help those becoming international investors. Our mission with the stuff to become professional employs.

200 consultations
8000 Customers
1360 Projects
98 Investments


Member of the following organizations and committees:

• Fellow Association of International Political Economy.
• Fellow Arabian Society for Taxation.
• Fellow of the Egyptian Society for Taxation.
• Fellow Egyptian Society for Public Finance and Taxes.
• Member of the Arab Organization of Certified Accountants.
• Member in Arabian Business Management Association.
• Member in Union of Arab Legal Experts, Accounting.
• Member in The Egyptian Society For Quality.
• Member in National Quality Institute.
• Member in International fiscal Association.