Company establishment

The founder deposits the company documents at the reception desk, where they are reviewed immediately by a lawyer. A registry employee reviews the documents, and issues a detailed invoice for all fees associated with the company’s establishment.

Fees for company establishment:
– Notary public fee: 0.25% of capital ( minimum of EGP 10 and a maximum of EGP 1,000 ).
– Establishment fees: 0.1% of capital (minimum of EGP 100 and maximum of EGP 1,000 according to Article 17 (d) of the Companies Law).
– Commercial Syndicate fee: EGP 125 (for capital less than or equal to EGP 500,000) or EGP 250 (for capital more than EGP 500,000).
– Publication fee: EGP 150 (for a limited liability company in Arabic) or EGP 300 (for a limited liability company in Arabic and English).
– Chamber of Commerce fees: 0.2% of capital (minimum of EGP 24 and maximum of EGP 2,000) in addition to EGP 29 for the issuance of operation certificate.
– Commercial registration: EGP 51.
– Issuance of operation certificate: EGP 29.

• Obtain a certificate from an authorized bank
• Submit documents to the Department of Companies and obtain invoice
• Notarize company’s contract
• Obtain the notification of incorporation
• Register for taxes
• Register employees with the National Authority of Social Insurance