Our office is a leading provider of tax, audit and advisory services to companies in the Egyptian Technology industry. We have been a part of this industry since its inception — helping companies grow through the decades.
Mergers and acquisitions, tax issues, emergence of technologies such as social/mobile/cloud computing and the creation of intellectual property (IP) are some of the challenges faced by the industry. We work towards ensuring that our clients reap the maximum benefit while partnering with us to deal with the challenges.
our office serves the firm’s clients in the Technology sector by providing them with services that not only help meet short-term goals but also help set
futuristic ones.

How can we help?
our office  leverages a global network of
professionals to help clients meet their global business objectives,
be it acquiring a company, creating strategic differentiation or
managing regulatory requirements. We provide cutting-edge services to enable
companies to become tomorrow’s leaders. These services include strategy and
operations advisory, transfer pricing, tax consultations, merger and acquisition